VIDEO: German Shepherd Saves a Newborn Baby Boy

Mama Dog Discovers And Protects Abandoned Baby!

This video features the story of Cheena, a K9 German Shepherd, and a mother with six pups of her own. The very famous news network, CNN, covered the story of Cheena. You might wonder what this particular dog might have done to get herself into a very well-known and widely covered news report.

Cheena, a K9 German Shepherd, might have heard the helpless cry of a newborn baby boy when he was left by his fourteen year old mother. The dog, who is a mother herself, might have felt protective of the baby and so she dragged and carried the newborn near her own puppies.

Later on, someone heard the cry of the baby boy and found Cheena with him when they investigated. And that is how this dog became a hero.

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